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2017-03-06 | 04:51:59

If you live in Calgary Alberta and are looking for a commercial leasing company then look no further than Jess Chinnery and his Commercial Lease Brokers Agency in Calgary.

Most businesses these days in Western Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and Lethbridge, lease commercial equipment in order to save money and improve business practices. Leasing equipment gives a business more flexibility and come tax time will allow them to write off the lease payments as a full tax deduction.

Leasing trucks, tractors, and even office equipment Calgary will enable businesses to expand. The lease payments can be arranged by a lease broker who deals with the banks to get you the most affordable monthly payments.

If you own a construction company you can lease a new truck in order to accept any size job. By leasing equipment in Calgary, you get to free up cash flow for other expenses like vehicle insurance, utility costs for the office, and wages.

If you truly want to operate a successful business in Calgary Alberta, you should contact a commercial lease consultant.


There are many types of commercial or construction equipment to lease in Calgary AB.

Your Calgary lease consultant, Jess Chinnery, will meet with you and your team to put together a lease plan to lease any type of equipment needed for your farm, construction company, or business, no matter where it is in Western Canada.

It should only take a day or so to get the commercial lease financing deal completed. It is best to go out and pick out the type of equipment that you want to lease just to save time. Then Jess will go to work on your behalf and have all the commercial lease papers in order often the very next day.

Jess Chinnery works will many banks in order to get you the best lease payments for your truck, auto, or agricultural equipment.


If you are wondering just which types of equipment you can lease in Calgary, here are a few pieces of business equipment listed below:

Agricultural equipment
Farm equipment
Automotive equipment
Office equipment (Cash Registers, Computers, Fax Machines)
Forestry equipment
Mining equipment
New equipment
Used equipment
Construction equipment
Medical equipment
Telephone equipment
Oil & Gas equipment
Manufacturing equipment
Security equipment
Transportation (trucks, cars, buses, tractors)
Welding equipment
Heavy duty equipment

You need to contact a Calgary Alberta lease consultant, one with years of leasing experience and also one that has proven success in the commercial leasing field in western and central Alberta. No matter where you are located in Alberta, Jess will help you lease equipment for your business or personal use.

Jess can help get you a lease financing deal so you can work within your budget paying only the lowest lease payments possible.

Call Jess Chinnery at 403-986-3207 to get started with your equipment lease today!


A Calgary lease agent will know multiple ways to structure a lease financing arrangement that will get your business the new equipment that you need to run your business.

Lease consultants in Calgary like Jess Chinnery will get able to help you obtain the best lease financing payments that will keep your business in Alberta moving forward.

Do you run a farm and need a new tractor? Jess will be able to find an agriculture equipment leasing solution within 24-48 hours.

Do you run a construction business in Calgary or Edmonton? Jess will get you a new truck or two, arrange an office lease for you and your staff, and also show you ways to lease furniture, cars, and even land or buildings if that is something that you need.


Your licensed lease professional in Alberta works will a variety of local banks, credit unions, and trust companies in Calgary to get you the lowest lease rates that are only available to professional lease agents in Alberta.

If you need to lease a new tractor trailer or flatbed truck, your Calgary lease consultant can arrange the lease today and have you behind the wheel tomorrow.

If you need to lease a piece of commercial equipment, construction equipment, pumper truck, pressure tanker, agriculture equipment for your farm, crane, mining equipment, or excavator, Jess will get you the most affordable lease that you can handle, a lot better deal that going directly to a bank for a loan.

So don't got to a bank to borrow money for new equipment, contact your Calgary lease professional to get you the lease that will be affordable and allow you to 100% write off the lease financing come income tax time.

all trailers, related equipment, add-ons and GPS-system-technologies. So in order to lease a tractor trailer in Red Deer or any other piece of equipment for your business or farm, then Jess Chinnery would be your experienced leasing professional in Red Deer Alberta.

Jess Chinnery, your local Calgary construction equipment lease agent helps clients in Calgary and all over Alberta from Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer.   Call 1-403-986-3207 to find out more! | Cell: 403-304-6709


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