Equipment Leasing For Small Business Calgary Alberta

2017-04-04 | 06:07:50

If you are looking for equipment leasing for small business in Calgary Alberta, then you should look no further than Jess Chinnery, your equipment lease specialist in Alberta. Even if you are looking to lease new equipment for the food service industry, construction, mining, oil industry, or any other heavy equipment needs, you are in luck.

For years, companies all over Alberta have been turning to equipment lease brokers to get the best deal possible at the banks for leasing agriculture equipment, construction equipment, and other pieces of equipment needed to run their enterprise.

When most business owners in Alberta think of leasing new business equipment, they don't just think of office equipment or furniture, they think on a much larger scale. They need to lease the types of equipment that will allow them to expand or grow their business, quite often to other parts of Alberta, not just in Calgary.

Equipment leasing may be one of the most leased items in Calgary, especially when you think of the amount of farming and oil production that takes place on a yearly basis in Western Canada.

Construction equipment, trucks, cars, buildings, and agriculture equipment are just a few of the top items that are leased in Calgary Alberta each month. Any type of asset that you can imagine can be leased. So if you own a business in Red Deer, Edmonton, or Calgary, Jess Chinnery can arrange to get you a lease agreement that would meet your budget expectations.

Lease Payment Are Fully Tax Deductible

Many people don't know that lease payments are 100% tax deductible and come tax time, will allow you to deduct all the payments you have made for any type of equipment that you have leased in the past year. It is a major business expense that can be fully deducted, which is the main reason why businesses lease in the first place.

Leasing is actually similar to financing a loan. A lease consultant will get you the best rates possible from any bank in Alberta, which is in your best interest. The bank actually buys the equipment and leases it back to you. Usually if you ask a Calgary lease consultant like Jess Chinnery, he will obtain the best possible lease rates to suit your budget.

By leasing construction equipment or any type of heavy duty equipment in Calgary, you get to choose a lower interest rate, and keep your cash in the bank for other purchases and cash flow needs, a win / win for both the lease agent and you, as a business.

Transportation Equipment Leasing in Calgary

Lease any transportation equipment you need anywhere in Calgary Alberta today by leasing. By hiring an equipment lease consultant, you will get the best prices offered by the banks. So by working with a lease financing specialist, like Jess Chinnery, you get the best lease rates for leasing new or used transportation equipment anywhere in Calgary.

Lease financing in Calgary is the best way to acquire the transportation or construction equipment you need to get goods and services from one place to another, no matter where you run your business in Alberta.

It doesn't matter if you run your own business, or work for a larger oil or agriculture-based industry in Calgary AB, a leasing specialist is the route to go. Someone like Jess can get you the best deal and the lowest lease rates in the province!

Need a new truck? Jess can help you arrange lease financing for any type of transportation needs including trucks, cars, eighteen-wheelers, trailers, tractors, or even boats if you need them.

Your Calgary equipment lease consultant can offer you the best rates and quickest lease solutions to get you the equipment you need, often within 24 hours. Take advantage of an experienced and professional lease agent in Calgary today. Call Jess Chinnery to ask any type of leasing questions. He would be only too happy to help you get the new equipment that you need to run your business.

Small Business Loans in Calgary

If you are looking for a small business loan in Calgary AB or anywhere else in Alberta you should know that you can get approved fast for any equipment lease needs. Small business is on the rise in Alberta, not just the oil industry. Actually, when you think of it, the oil industry drives many other spin off industries, creating many new small business ventures.

So here are just a few places that you can obtain a small business lease for your company:

* Small Business Lease Calgary
* Small Business Lease Edmonton
* Small Business Lease Alberta
* Small Business Lease Edmonton
* Small Business Lease Grande Prairie
* Small Business Lease Lethbridge
* Small Business Lease Red Deer
* Small Business Lease Manitoba
* Small Business Lease British Columbia
* Small Business Lease Winnipeg
* Small Business Lease Saskatchewan

Fixed Interest Rates

Most heavy equipment leases are arranged at a fixed interest rate meaning that the payments are a fixed term (the payments don't change each month). Interest rates change all the time, but after you sign your equipment lease, they remain the same, fixed in other words.

So finding a local Calgary lease consultant is in your best interest. Someone like Jess can save you thousands of dollars per year by leasing new equipment at the lowest possible fixed interest rates. Leasing new or used equipment in Calgary AB has never been easier. Contact Jess Chinnery today if you have any small business leasing questions - Phone 1-403-986-3207 or email anytime.

Business Equipment That Can Be Leased

Almost any type of equipment leasing in Calgary can be arranged. Here are a few examples of some of the types of equipment Jess has helped businesses lease recently in Calgary, Alberta:

* Manufacturing: material handling equipment and production equipment
* Transportation: trailers, loaders, tractors
* Construction: cranes, backhoes, excavators
* Business Services: laptops, ipads, smartphones, furniture, microwaves
* Oil Industry: drilling equipment, electric drills, compressors
* Health Services Industry: desks, computers, ultrasound machines, x-ray machines
* Agriculture / Farming: plows, combines, tractors, trucks
* Restaurant Equipment: ovens, freezers, fridges, microwaves

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